Unit 6:

The Tragic Hero

Why are tragic heroes still relevant today?
~ 24 days

Enduring Understandings

  • In tragedies, the tragic hero is doomed from the beginning, falling victim to his/her tragic flaw.
  • Archetypes, like the tragic hero, are still relevant today in modern texts because they are realistic.
  • In order to fully analyze a text in literature, a reader must understand it, make connections within it, make connections outside of it, and analyze its relevance.

Unit Outline

13 Components

In this unit, students will explore the most tortured of all the heroes- the tragic hero. Students will use their imagination to modernize a traditional scene from a tragedy, but will be challenged to maintain the literary integrity of the original scene. Teachers will share the ownership of leading class discussion by allowing students to pose critical questions to the class, constructively debate, and explore new ideas regarding why we still read and study classic literature in modern times.  

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