Unit 2:

The Unlikely Hero

Why are traditional stories about the hero’s quest still relatable today?
~ 25 days

Enduring Understandings of the Unit: 

  • All quest stories, even modern ones, develop aspects of the traditional quest.
  • Traditional plotlines of classical literature can be modernized to develop timeless themes. 
  • Heroes do not need to be knights in shining armor; in fact, they can be quite "unlikely". 

Unit Outline

18 Components

In this unit, students will dive deeper into the hero’s journey by analyzing a modern quest and tracking the protagonist’s journey as they did with the traditional hero from Unit 1. Students will question the “knight in shining armor” archetype in Unit 2, as they spend the unit traveling alongside a different type of hero- the unlikely hero. Through a literary analysis essay and a modern scene rewrite, students will bridge centuries of writing, from the Classical to the Modern, to discover that Campbell’s “hero” is still very much alive.

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