Unit 3:


Why do writers create dystopias in literature?
~ 30 days

Enduring Understandings of the Unit: 

  • Argumentation is a vehicle for advocating for social change. 
  • Dystopias, despite being exaggerated, are imaginary worlds that provide commentary on the current trends, political systems, or popular culture of modern times. 
  • Regardless of the genre in which they write (fiction or nonfiction), writers use rhetoric to make an argument. 

Unit Outline

21 Components

In this unit, students will examine how a writer uses rhetoric to create dystopian literature. With the help of structured reading circles, students will use discourse to explore the complexity of writer's purpose in literature. They will practice honing argumentation skills in their own writing, and by the end of the unit, be able to employ the rhetorical devices observed in their composition of a Writing from Sources essay.

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