Unit 5:

The Monster

Over the course of time, how have individuals defined the "monster" and how has this reflected the fears of their society?
~ 30 days

Enduring Understandings of the Unit: 

  • Throughout history, individuals have defined the “monster” differently in order to reflect the fears of their society. 
  • Literature reflects the human experience of a time-period. 
  • Arguments can be strengthened by using evidence from multiple sources. 

Unit Outline

20 Components

Over the course of this unit, students will examine different monsters across a literary timeline in order to answer the question- how do monsters reflect the fears of a society? Students will conduct close readings of written and visual texts in order to come to a deeper understanding of who the monster is and why it exists. Students will use low-stakes writing and discussion as a means to explore their own opinions on the topic of the monster, ultimately solidifying their own definition of the monster in the unit’s culminating assessment- The Monster Definition Paper.

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