Unit 1:

The Contemporary American Experience

What is the contemporary American experience and how do I relate to it?
~ 40 days

Enduring Understandings of the Unit:

  • The American experience is shaped by an individual’s background, ethnicity, beliefs, and personal happenings. 
  • Your American experience is unique to your background, your ethnicity, your beliefs, and your personal happenings. 
  • Despite the American experience being unique to the individual, there are commonalities that we share as Americans. 

Unit Outline

17 Components

In this unit, students will unpack the American experience in contemporary literature in order to make connections between the characters they read about and their own experiences.  Students will use Literary Abstracts to practice composing  literary analysis,  unpacking the four levels of Exploding Analysis in writing. Students will use their understanding of the American experience identified in this unit and apply it to the year-long sequence following this introductory unit. 

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