Unit 2:

The Creation of the American

What does early American literature say about early Americans?
~ 40 days

Enduring Understandings of the Unit:

  • Writing in early America depicted society’s culture and identity.
  • Early Americans were god-fearing- heavily-influenced by the belief in a god or higher being. 
  • Rhetoric was developed throughout early American writing with the purpose of influencing the audience to conform to society’s norm.  

Unit Outline

17 Components

In this unit, students will explore three literary movements- Early Native American literature, Colonial literature, and Early Gothic literature- in order to trace similarities and differences between the various American experiences during the birth of the nation. Students will unpack rhetoric with the purpose of analyzing its effect on an audience, in addition to taking a closer look at how the belief in a god, a higher being, or the supernatural affected the early American identity.

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