Unit 4:

The Reawakening of the American

How has conflict in our nation caused the American to reawaken and create a new experience?
~ 40 days

Enduring Understandings of the Unit Plan: 

  • From conflict and destruction can come rebirth, renewal, and hope. 
  • Writers used literature as a vehicle to reflect the reawakening of new identities, values, and beliefs in the American experience. 
  • Despite the American experience being unique to individuals, there are commonalities that we all share as Americans. 

Unit Outline

11 Components

Students will explore the the literary movements of the Harlem Renaissance and Postmodernism in order to analyze the American experience as a reawakening and a re-establishment of identity. This final unit brings the scope full circle and culminates in the Literary Synthesis Essay that asks students to draw connections between American experiences over the course of history. Students will reflect on their own American experiences in the Personal Statement and use discussion to examine the commonalities we share as individuals who identify as American. 

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