Unit 2:


Do I believe ‘personality’ is fixed and unchangeable? Or on the other hand, do I believe that people really can change, that ‘personality’ is fundamentally flexible?
~ 30 days

Enduring Understandings of Unit Plan:

  • Individuals have personalities made up of different traits.
  • Sometimes individuals change their personality in order to fit into a particular situation.
  • People change, and therefore, so do their personalities.  

Unit Outline

22 Components

In this unit, students will dive deeper into identity by analyzing how internal thoughts and conflicts affect an individual’s personality. Students will be asked to contemplate whether or not personality is fixed and unchangeable, or if an individual’s personality really can change. Through literary analysis, a creative narrative using imagery, and structured discussion,  students will explore the complexity of personality and come to a deeper understanding of the intricate layers that make us who we are as people.

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