Unit 3:

Society and its Structure

What makes up a society? What structures exist within a society?
~ 27 days

Enduring Understandings of Unit Plan:

  • Societies are made up of people who interact. 
  • Social issues emerge when there is conflict within a society or between societies. 
  • Argumentation is a vehicle for advocating for social change. 

Unit Outline

23 Components

Unit 3 shifts the focus from the individual to the society. In this unit, students will dig deeper into an informational text or realistic fiction in order to dissect the complexity of society and the effects it has on individuals. Students will analyze writers’ arguments, break down the organization of ideas in informational texts, and eventually compose a Writing from Sources essay that uses these sources as evidence to support their own argument. Thematically, the unit will culminate in a Social Issue News Editorial, where students will use written expression to analyze a photograph of their society and explain the intricate layers that exist within their society. They will then present their issue to their classmates as they practice their public speaking skills and establish themselves as advocates for social change.

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