Unit 4:


How does literature mirror the realities of our societies?
~ 22 days

Enduring Understandings of Unit Plan:

  • Otherness is the state or fact of being distinct or different; stereotypes are generalizations about a group of individuals. 
  • Stereotypes divide groups of people because they see each other as “the other.” 
  • Authors are influenced to write about the “other” in fiction to provide commentary on reality. 

Unit Outline

24 Components

Unit 4 explores the effects that exclusivity has on an individual, a society, and humanity as a whole. Students will unpack “otherness” through a close analysis of an anchor text that will act as an entry point into larger discussions on this complex topic. Students will revisits literary analysis with an introduction to Literary Abstracts- shorter formative assessments of exploding analysis that help students practice critical thought through reading and writing. Additionally, they will turn a close-eye to plot and the devices writers use to create a coherent narrative. 

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