The New Visions ELA Curriculum is a full scope and sequence for 9th and 10th grade English Language Arts courses; in 2017-18 school year, we will be developing an 11th grade course to align with the 11th grade United States History and Government course in order to provide a coherent study of Humanities in the junior year. 

These courses carry a parallel focus on writing skills and critical analysis in reading, thereby offering students the opportunity to think critically, and to read, write, and speak across various topics, while simultaneously honing the literacy and critical thinking skills necessary for both the New York State Regents exams and post-secondary coursework.

We understand that teachers may use resources differently, so we have created and curated high-quality Open Educational Resource (OER) materials available in Google Docs; we encourage teachers to make their own copies of resources and thoughtfully modify to make them useful for their individual needs. 

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