Regents Tools

We've created a new Google Spreadsheets Add-on called QuizBanker which you can install for free. 

Quiz Banker creates student-ready editable quiz and answer documents based on an item bank of over 2500 Regents math and science questions. By drawing on a bank of items in Google Docs, this Quiz Banker allows teachers more time for the critical tasks of identifying and analyzing student learning needs and planning responsive day-to-day lessons. 

Teachers can sort and filter questions by Common Core domain, cluster, and standard to make it easier to understand what the Common Core standards mean. Each question is also aligned to New Visions’ free and open source curriculum, making it even easier for teachers to plan in response to evidence of learning.

Here is a quick video that shows one way of installing Quiz Banker directly from a new spreadsheet.

We have also created a spreadsheet that contains a historical analysis of Regents data from the past Algebra I and Geometry exams but this information will eventually all be accessible from QuizBanker as well.

Spreadsheet preview:


You can use this tool to view aggregate historical Regents data from students across the New Visions for Public Schools network. The tools include item analysis of the multiple choice questions, links to the questions, and sample tasks aligned to the same standard as the question.

Students, teachers, and schools are not identifiable based on this data.