Workshops & Presentations

Participation in the New Visions mathematics professional development workshops (open to teachers from New Visions affiliated schools) provides the opportunity for teachers to be a part of a diverse community of practice, collaborating with their peers from across the city during seven or eight full-day professional development sessions. These sessions provide a forum for teachers to learn together how to make instructional decisions about using the New Visions Mathematics Curriculum with their students. Key components of all workshops include:

  • Learning about and reflecting on routines - Since each unit and each Instructional Routine follow a similar structure, teachers can reflect on their practice and learn ways to improve routines that recur in subsequent units.
  • Experiential learning - During each unit-based workshop, participants can expect to experience key activities from the curriculum so they can use that experience when planning for their students. 
  • Differentiated support through collaborative planning - In order to support different levels of experience with the New Visions Mathematics Curriculum, each session includes collaborative planning so teachers can discuss instructional strategies and shared problems with colleagues whose experience differs from their own.