Not sure how to introduce class culture on day one? Instead of handing out a list of classroom rules and a text heavy syllabus, get students sharing ideas with each other using the discourse routine, Silent Graffiti.

  • Post themes or essential questions on chart paper for students to silently read and then write their thoughts for other students to read.


  • Use a series of images that represent the big content units for the year and have students write what they think the class will be about.


  • Whatever you do, get them walking around and create the culture of sharing ideas right from the start.



Leah Werner-Evans and Jenni Mayberry from CHAH are using Silent Graffiti to review classroom rules and expectations.



TYWLS Harlem teacher Emily Wylie plans on using Silent Graffiti to introduce quotes about bravery, kindness, open-mindedness, friendship and new experiences.