Unit 6:

Climate Change and Severe Weather - Full Unit

Will there be more frequent and more intense severe storms in the future?

In this unit, students figure out the processes that cause weather phenomena, and they make qualitative claims about how
climate change can affect storm frequency and intensity. To do this, they use a variety of physical and computer models
related to these weather phenomena to explore the cause and effect relationships among variables such as temperature,
water vapor, and air pressure; analyze and interpret national and global weather and climate data to find spatial and
temporal patterns; construct explanations about what causes these types of storms; and engage in argument based on
evidence from models and the data about what might happen in the future.


Unit 6 Teacher Guide

This Teacher Guide is intended to supplement the Teacher and Student Materials for Unit 6. While the Teacher Materials support teachers with what to do, this Guide tells them why, so that enactment decisions are informed by an understanding of the pedagogical approach; we believe this supports teachers to make modifications and adaptations that are aligned with the vision of NGSS. This Teacher Guide also provides additional support with the logistics of enactment, such as pacing, organizing materials, and labs. Routines are embedded into the Teacher Materials; however, this Teacher Guide provides more detailed information about when, why, and how to enact each routine.

Unit 6 Teacher Materials

Teacher Materials provide the learning goals for the unit, guidance on when to use particular strategies, and an explanation of how to teach the unit in a way that is driven by student questions and ideas. Included in the Teacher Materials is an overview document called the Unit Plan, that summarizes the storyline of the unit and provides an outline for each of the learning sequences within the unit, highlighting key information. For each lesson sequence in the unit, the Teacher Materials also include step-by-step guidelines for enactment. Corresponding Student Materials include handouts for labs and investigations, formative assessments, and rubrics.

Unit 6 Student Materials

Anchor Phenomenon Launch and Performance Task

Atmosphere and Weather Variables (OPTIONAL) 5E

Air Masses and Fronts 5E

Air Mass Origins and Global Winds 5E

Climate and Seasonal Variation 5E


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