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Ording Lab Materials

  • Ordering Lab Materials
    Customizable materials ordering for New Visions science curricula! Although the materials required for our lab suite are available from multiple vendors, we have been able to partner with Ward’s Science in order to streamline the ordering process for both Living Environment and Earth Science. The order form allows you to order the materials needed for individual labs or for all of the labs found in each course.
    Ordering Lab Materials

    Steps for Placing an Order from Ward's

    1.Make a copy of the order form (a Google spreadsheet).

    2. Fill in the required information at the top of the form, including billing and shipping information. Each lab and the required materials for that lab are listed in the spreadsheet. The quantities indicated are estimated for a class of approximately 30 students, with 7 student groups. Adjust the quantities needed based on class size and the number of sections. Please note that durable (reusable) items are highlighted in blue; pay close attention to how many of these items you need to order for all of your classes, as they are re-listed for each lab that requires them. 

    3. In addition to the required materials, Ward’s offers optional materials and kits that may be used to supplement and extend our labs and curriculum resources.  The form will automatically tally the total for the order.

    4. Print the form and PO#, and send both documents to the Ward’s representative, using the contact information listed below. Please do not send this information to anyone at New Visions. If you have any questions regarding the materials, or ordering process, please direct those inquiries to Stephen Miller at Ward’s.

    For questions about the Living Environment or Earth Science labs or curricula, direct those inquiries to the appropriate instructional specialist. Ward's Contact Stephen Miller  ( 347.556.5914 5100 West Henrietta Road, West Henrietta, NY 14586 New Visions Contacts Living Environment - Libby Chatham ( Earth Science - John Salazar (

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