NEW! NYSSLS & NGSS Designed Curriculum :

Science Curriculum Open Comment Period

Comment on the New Visions Science Scope & Sequence

We are excited to go public with the roadmap for our science curriculum development work. At New Visions for Public Schools, we are deeply invested in the creation of relevant, ambitious science curriculum aligned to NGSS and NYSSLS, and guided by the principles in the Framework for K-12 Science Education. From now through January 15, we invite anyone with an interest and investment in our curriculum materials to take some time and provide feedback.

Why should I participate? The New Visions Science Curriculum has always been a collaborative, dynamic set of materials. We believe that high-quality instructional materials cannot just be good “on paper”; they must meet the needs of a broad range of teachers and school settings. Your participation ensures that we can incorporate your thoughts and perspective!

What kind of feedback can I provide? We welcome general feedback about the course design and sequence as a whole, or specific feedback about the initial plan for a specific unit. We recognize that, depending on your role and where you work, you may have different kinds of information to share.

To start, take a look at the course maps below, and click on a topic that interests you most about the new courses!

You will be asked to answer a few questions about why this interests you and then you can sign-up to access all of the new materials we are developing. All of our existing materials can be found on our course pages.

Learn more about our collaborative curriculum development and model, and our stance on the new standards here.

Funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York supports this project and other work to design instructional materials and professional learning systems to the Next Generation Science Standards and New York State Science Learning Standards. 


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