The Curriculum in the Classroom blog series highlights teachers who use resources from the New Visions Social Studies Curriculum in inventive ways to engage their students and support their skill development and content knowledge.

Christina Clarke is a social studies teacher at a high school on Long Island. She uses New Visions Social Studies curricular resources in her 9th grade Global History classes. In our latest blog, Christina shares a lesson she taught about the Inca based on materials from Unit 9.8 in the New Visions Global History Curriculum.

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As a teacher, it is hard just to imagine focusing on just one aspect of your workday. Most days, you wish for more than 24 hours in a day to accomplish all of the items on your strenuous to-do list. Day in and day out, you are not only nurturing the future of the world, but you are collaborating with colleagues, filling out paperwork, entering data, giving extra help, and communicating with parents, all while saying “Where did all my pens go?!” 

Throughout my years teaching, I have found that I spend the most time searching for primary sources for my students. I teach a variety of levels including honors, Advanced Placement Global History, and a class that is co-taught with a special education teacher to provide differentiated support. Each of these classes brings their own challenges, but the major goal stays the same, for all students to be able to challenge themselves with higher order thinking questions and be able to analyze primary sources, whether it is a map, political cartoon, or a reading. This is where the New Visions for Public Schools Social Studies Curriculum comes in. 

During the summer of 2016, a colleague told me about the Global History curriculum. I was astounded by the amount of materials that I could easily work with. This school year, New Visions has been my greatest ally. I found myself in previous years, taking most of my time to craft worksheets and search history sourcebooks to make sense of material. Now, my main focus is to tailor the curricular resources to fit the needs of my students in a forty minute period. 

In order to help teachers who may be thinking of using and adapting the New Visions curriculum, I want to share a detailed lesson plan, worksheets and a slide presentation that I adapted for my class. The first lesson I would like to share comes from Unit 9.8 in Global I. New Visions has an abundant amount of resources on the Inca Empire. Through my lesson plan, you will be able to see how I modified New Visions resources and tailored the lessons to fit the needs of my students. The lesson I am sharing is for an honors classroom, but can be modified in changing the length of the documents for the group activity (which I have already done for the honors as well as my Regent’s level course). By reading my lesson plan, you will be able to see the questions posed in addition to the New Visions inquiries, as well as additional information I added to the plan. I hope by reading the lesson plan, you will be able to use it in your own classrooms. 

Hopefully, these examples will provide guidance in using these resources, which can help you have more time in your day to find your pens, and maybe even heat up your coffee!

Follow these links to resources from Christina Clarke’s lesson: