As you may have noticed, we have a new website! We’ve been working on it in different stages since April, 2016, and we are very excited to unveil it. It has been a team effort with Isaac Leamer, our digital communications officer, leading the project and Russell West, our deputy director of instruction, in charge of supervising content entry.

Our primary purpose in designing this new website has been to bring coherence to our five different curriculum projects, which previously had their own websites with their own look and feel. These new websites have a common theme and will be much easier for people who have to access multiple curriculum projects to navigate.

None of the original content has changed. You should still be able to find all of the resources that you had available on and, but now can find it all in one convenient place!

Our legacy sites will be redirected to this website on April 10th and shut down completely on June 30th of this year. Between April 10th and June 30th, you can still access them.

Take a look around our new website! Tell us what you like and what you don’t by sending us an email with suggestions or with praise! We would love to hear from you.