Supplemental Resources

These resources supplement the New Visions Social Studies Curriculum and relate to teaching literacy skills, discussion strategies, instructional routines, and differentiated instruction.

Reading Strategies for Teachers of History

A key component of literacy is reading of text; students often need support when reading or encountering any sort of text in a history course.  This document describes and provides resources for a number of pre, during, and post reading strategies. 

Writing Strategies for Teachers of History

In history courses, students are able to make their thinking visible through their writing.  This document provides teachers with an exhaustive list of strategies to support their students in the development of their writing.  

Discussion Strategies for Teachers of History

History courses (and content) often lend themselves easily to discussion. This document is a menu of strategies that teachers can choose from to facilitate a discussion where students are able to learn content, critical thinking, and communication skills. 

Group Learning Routines

These group learning routines, developed by Dr. Rhonda Bondie at Fordham University, are designed for classes where there is a great range in student academic diversity. The routines are an essential component of a differentiated classroom because while students are independently collaborating in small groups the teacher is free to observe and assess, conduct a small group mini-lesson, and/or offer individual tutoring.

New Visions Learning Profiles by Disability

Description of student learning profiles by disability type and instructional suggestions for each learning profile. Created by Mary Mitchell and Erin Stark (Special Education Instructional Specialist for NVPS Charter) and adapted by New Visions Global History Curriculum Project.