The New Visions ELA Curriculum 

What is the New Visions ELA curriculum? 

The New Visions for Public Schools ELA curriculum is driven by an accessible, skills-based approach to literacy. Consisting of three year-long courses, the curricular units are organized by the conceptual lenses of the Individual, the Quest, and the American and spiral literacy skills across grades 9, 10 and 11. Within each course, unit plans provide assessments, resources, and strategies that unpack the skills needed to master the learning identified in the ELA Common Core Standards, as well as support the reading, writing, and thinking necessary for both the New York State Regents exams and post-secondary coursework. This curriculum is written with the intention of equipping teachers with resources that interconnect skills, points of access, and the literacy support necessary for teaching all learners.

We understand that teachers may use resources differently, so we have created and curated high-quality Open Educational Resource (OER) materials available in Google Drive that can be easily integrated into any ELA classroom; we encourage teachers to make their own copies of resources and thoughtfully modify them. 

We believe that our curricula will never be complete; we always welcome feedback, experiences, and findings from teachers using these materials!