New Visions Science Curriculum


When selecting materials for their classroom, science teachers have to consider a multitude of factors: quality of hands-on experiences, rigorous conceptual development or the ability of students to complete work at or above grade level, integration of literacy skills, and alignment to year-end exams, to name a few. 

If you are looking for high school science resources designed by teachers, content experts, and leading institutions that address these factors and more, the New Visions Science Curricula for Living Environment and Earth Science courses provide the support you need. 

 Key Components of our Curricula:

  • Spiraled scope and sequence materials that are aligned to the New York State Core Curriculum in Science and Common Core Learning Standards;
  • Real-world performance tasks that provide context for each unit of study;
  • Experiential learning activities designed using the BSCS 5E Instructional Model;
  • Complete lab sequence that exceeds New York State lab requirements.

We understand that teachers may use resources differently, so we have created and curated high-quality Open Educational Resource (OER) materials available in Google Docs; we encourage teachers to make their own copies of resources and thoughtfully modify to make them useful for their individual needs. 

Not sure how to start using the curriculum? Check out our getting started section.   

Teacher Testimonials 

"During my first couple of years teaching, I struggled to keep my students engaged as we jumped from topic to topic, sometimes without clear connections between them. This curriculum helped to solve that problem. Each unit begins with an exciting question that engages them. The students follow the question all the way through the unit which culminates in a final task around what they’ve learned.”

-Andrea Robinson, Living Environment and Earth Science teacher at All City Leadership Secondary School in Brooklyn, NY

"I’ve always loved biology and Living Environment, but when I learned of the project I was really excited about collaborating with other teachers. My school is really small and in my first year teaching there, I was the only science teacher, so I always felt I was reinventing the wheel. I really wanted to be part of a community of Living Environment teachers in order to create a dialogue and share resources.”

- Deborah McLaughlin, Living Environment teacher at the Business of Sports School in Manhattan