New Visions Partnership with STEMteachersNYC!

We are excited to be launching a partnership with STEMteachersNYC, an established, teacher-led community of educators based in NYC! Together we will be developing curriculum materials and launching a series of workshops on those materials.

Summer Workshop Register Here!

The models-based Physics workshop will take place July 23-25. Participants will experience activities from two units in the Physics course as learners, and through these immersive experiences develop an understanding of a common instructional approach that emphasizes the new standards  (NGSS/NYSSLS), especially ​the Science and Engineering Practice of modeling.  

Access to Curriculum Materials  Join Here!

Unlike other New Visions curriculum, the Physics course is being released on this site while in early development.  We invite interested teachers to gain access to view and comment on materials by completing the form.