Getting Started

Why Should I Use this Handbook?
  • My students are not high-school ready with reading, writing, and/or discourse.
  • I don’t know how to teach reading in my subject area.
  • My students struggle with content because of a literacy barrier.
  • I’m in my first year at a school.​
  • I'm a veteran teacher looking for new learning strategies.
  • My colleagues use terms like ‘GIST’ and ‘annotation’ and I don’t know what they mean. 
  • I see the same things taught completely different in other classrooms, which must be confusing for students.
  • I want to improve how I think about literacy in my daily lesson plans. 

The Teacher Perspective


Our Website

The Literacy Handbook is organized around four middle school literacy aims of Reading, Discourse, Writing and Vocabulary. The aims contain routines that are recommended for individual, pair or group work, though they all contain multiple grouping elements. Each routine page houses a number of linked resources that will support teachers with planning and implementation.

What materials will I find for each instructional routine?

Below Contents, you will find the same resources organized into expandable sections. 

Professional Development

We have included all of our literacy workshop resources on our Professional Development page. You will find links to PD slides and teacher materials which can be used in your own staff development.