Cognitive Science

How can I help my students better recall what they have learned?

These resources are from the Learning Scientists website. They were written as study guides for students but the same principles apply to teaching as well,  so we have provided them as a resource. Teachers can either read through the strategies and consider how to incorporate them into how they plan lessons, or teachers could use the posters as a way of teaching effective study strategies to students.

Our curriculum resources have been developed with these strategies in mind, so using our curriculum in the sequence that it is created means that teachers will be interleaving topics, focusing on building student recall of topics through retrieval practice, and spacing out topics over time. The instructional routines embedded within our project and the annotation of tasks that is embedded within those routines is especially well-aligned to the dual coding, elaboration, and retrieval practice strategies described in the documents linked below.

Note that these resources are most effective when used from the beginning of the year since all of the content, including the first unit,  is important for students to remember to be successful on their Regents exams.


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