Unit 1:

Modeling with Functions

How can we model real life situations?
5 weeks



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Unit Resources:

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Big Idea 1: Rate of change describes how one quantity changes with respect to another. See 2 itemsHide 2 items

Big Idea 2: A graph is a visual representation of the relationship between variables of a function. See 2 itemsHide 2 items

Big Idea 3: Functions can be represented in multiple, equivalent ways. See 2 itemsHide 2 items

Big Idea 4: Functions belonging to the same family share similar graphs, behaviors, and characteristics. See 2 itemsHide 2 items

Formative Assessment Lesson See 2 itemsHide 2 items

Re-engagement See 1 itemHide 1 item

End of Unit Assessment See 4 itemsHide 4 items