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Weights of Animals - systems of equations
Weights of Animals - systems of equations

This is designated as a problem for systems of equations in algebra I, but can be used in Unit 0 for pretty much any course... I used it in my College Math classes and in my Calculus classes. I developed an activity and worksheet that focuses on problem solving processes rather than obtaining the correct answer. First students have to look at the picture and they can't use a pen or pencil but have 1 minute to think "what is this problem asking me?" (NOTE: Answers can vary) Then, they will develop a plan to solve it, share that with a neighbor (still no writing), and then they can solve it. Later on, there is space for them to explain their process. Then, facilitate a discussion about the different methods that can be used, and the efficiency of solving it in a certain way, etc. The math practices can be driven home through this (especially MP 1)!!!!