Instructional Specialists


Aruna Patel | Instructional Specialist | 

After teaching World History, US History, Social Science, Mathematics, and IB History of the Americas in Philadelphia Public Schools for 10 years, Aruna Patel joined New Visions as an instructional specialist in 2014.  She develops the US History Curriculum and collaborates with her colleagues at New Visions to think about how history can be a vehicle for teaching students to read, write, and think. She holds a B.A. in Cognitive Science and Economics from the University of Rochester and an M.A. in secondary social studies education from the University of Pennsylvania. 



Kameelah Janan Rasheed | Instructional Specialist |  

After teaching social studies and humanities for five years in both New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area where she designed differentiated lesson resources and coordinated after school arts programming, Kameelah joined New Visions as an Instructional Specialist in 2013.  She co-develops the Global History Curriculum with Timothy Lent and collaborates with the communications team create coherent design across all curricular projects. An Amy Biehl Fulbright Scholar to South Africa, she holds a B.A. in public policy and Africana studies from Pomona College and an M.A. in secondary education from Stanford University.



Timothy Alan Lent | Instructional Specialist |

After teaching social studies for five years at the High School for Youth and Community Development in Brooklyn, NY where he developed Common Core-aligned materials for global history through the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC), Timothy joined New Visions as a Instructional Specialist. He co-develops the Global History Curriculum with Kameelah Rasheed and works with teachers and administrators using the New Visions Social Studies Curriculum in Western New York.  He holds a B.A. in history and social studies education from SUNY Fredonia, an M.A. in history from Brooklyn College, and school building and district leader certifications.